Mark Oxley

Anthropology Labs Manager and Anthropology Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

I serve as both the Anthropology Lab Manager and as the Anthropology Undergraduate Advising Coordinator. As the Advising Coordinator, I assist the Anthropology Undergraduate Adviser in providing timely and effective academic support for our current and future students in Anthropology. As the Lab Manager, I provide support to students, faculty and visiting researchers who utilize the many department resources available at Dean Hall. I am also responsible for managing the department’s anthropological collections. For example, we maintain and make available multiple reference collections including Hawaiian Marine Shell (available online thanks to the UH Museum Consortium), Faunal Remains (terrestrial, avian), Marine Fish (Hawaiʿi and Fiji), Historic Bottles, Fossil Casts, Lithic Technology and Ceramic Technology. Arrangements to access these collections or to utilize other department resources in Dean Hall can be made by email, phone (808) 956-6652, or in person at Dean Hall 206. I am available Monday through Friday from 7:45am to 4:30pm.