AnthUH Speakers Bureau

How can anthropology teach us about ourselves and the world around us? How does culture shape who we are? How does the material world tell stories of the past and present? What do our physical bodies say about who we are and have been as human beings? AnthUH Speakers Bureau explores these questions and more through lectures offered to schools and community groups.

AnthUH Speakers Bureau is comprised of anthropologists – researchers, instructors, students, alumni -- throughout the University of Hawaii system who are eager and willing to share some of their expertise with you in lecture and discussion. We are a consortium of cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, and physical anthropologists who look forward to reaching out as a form of public engagement, addressing issues that are relevant to people’s lives. Our mission is to get people to think critically and deeply through anthropology! But our secondary mission is to meet and interact with you, learning something through the richness of our encounter.

We have compiled a speakers list, with 1-3 lecture topics from which you may select. Each lecture is 30-45 minutes long with time allowed for discussion. If your group would like to engage any particular speaker, please fill out the request form and either email to <> or fax 956-4893.

Come learn, share, and celebrate anthropology with us!