Ann Sakaguchi

Ann M. Sakaguchi, PhD


Curriculum Vitae

Office: Saunders Hall 336
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BA Japanese (literature emphasis) University of Hawaii;
Certificate in International Management, Japan-America Institute of Management Science;
MPH (Health Administration and Planning) University of Hawaii;
PhD (Political Science/Health Policy) University of Hawaii.


My past research areas include: a 4-year project in which blood samples from the Blood Bank of Hawaii and hospitals were tested to determine the incidence of Australia Antigen, a hepatitis-associated antigen in Hawaii; one of several researchers that were involved in the development of the rapid stick test to assess ciguatoxin levels of reef fishes; and lastly, examined the effectiveness of medical malpractice legislation, in particular, the role of the Medical Claims Conciliation Panel from the perspectives of heath policy and health law. My current interests are health disparities, health care disparities and the role of public health in emergency management.

The wide applicability of GIS, GPS and spatial analysis in many disciplines intrigues me, but particularly because it is such a powerful analytical tool in the field of health. I recently received a three year grant from HRSA for $4.14 million to establish the Pacific Emergency Management Preparedness Response and Information Network and Training Services (Pacific EMPRINTS), which will help train health professionals in Hawaii, parts of California and USAPI. Through continuing education curricula developed through this grant, health professionals will learn to better respond to manmade and natural disasters and diseases, such as but not limited to Avian flu, SARS, agroterrorism and West Nile virus. A partnership of ten public and private organizations, one of the focus areas of the grant is to help health professionals become GIS literate. Training will also adequately address cultural competencies, a requirement of the federal agencies to assure that the ethnically diverse population of Hawaii is not only better protected but ethnic differences with regard to language barriers and health care issues such as life and death matters are appropriately addressed.

I am also fluent in Japanese and have translated approximately a thousand television shows and movies and several medical journal articles from Japanese to English over a period of 25 years, although I must admit I am out of practice at this time.


  • Medical anthropology
  • Public health
  • Medical malpractice
  • Globalization and its impact on emerging and re-emerging diseases
  • Health disparities
  • Health care disparities
  • Japanese literature and history