Emeritus Faculty

Andrew Arno, PhD
legal anthropology, ethnography of communication, kinship and social organization; Pacific

Jack Bilmes, PhD
Linguistic anthropology, social interaction, discourse; Thailand <bilmes@hawaii.edu>

Stephen T. Boggs, PhD
Sociolinguistics and socialization, methods, education, ethnic groups in Hawai'i

Alice G. Dewey, PhD
Economics, kinship, Javanese conceptual frameworks; Southeast Asia, Pacific

Ben R. Finney, PhD
Socio-economic change, cultural adaptation to sea and space; Pacific Islands

Michael W. Graves, PhD
Archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, evolution of social complexity, quantitative analysis; U.S. Southwest, Oceania <mwgraves@unm.edu>

P. Bion Griffin, PhD
Archaeology and ethnology of hunter-gatherers, ethnoarchaeology, technology; Southeast Asia, Philippines <griffin@hawaii.edu>

Alan Howard, PhD
Cultural anthropology, adaptation to change, ethnological theory; Polynesia, Rotuma <ahoward@hawaii.edu>

Terry Hunt, PhD
Archaeology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, evolutionary theory, archaeometry/ceramics, Oceania

Takie S. Lebra, PhD
Culture and self, communication, social organization, women, career, elite; Japan

Michael Pietrusewsky, PhD
Physical anthropology, skeletal biology, forensic anthropology; Oceania, Pacific Islands, Southeast and East Asia, Australia < mikep@hawaii.edu>

Wilhelm G. Solheim II, PhD
Archaeology, prehistory of Southeast Asia and its relationships with that of Korea and Japan

Leslie E. Sponsel, PhD
Ecology (cultural, historical, political, spiritual, Buddhist); sacred places and biodiversity; peace, human rights, ethics; Southeast Asia (Thailand), Amazon <sponsel@hawaii.edu>

Geoffrey M. White, PhD
cultural anthropology, cultural studies, history and war memory, self and emotion, ethnographic methods, Pacific Islands, America, France <white@hawaii.edu>