Associated Faculty

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

Christine Beaule (Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas)
Andean/Latin American archaeology, household organization, origins of complexity, Colonialism <>

Daniel Brown, (Anthropology, University of Hawaii, Hilo) 
Physical anthropology, medical anthropology; Polynesia <

Rebecca Cann (Genetics and Molecular Biology) 
Physical anthropology, anthropological genetics, human populations <

William Chapman (American Studies) 
Historic preservation, historical archaeology, history of anthropology <>

Cathryn Clayton (Asian Studies)
Cultural anthropology; sovereignty and colonialism; nationalisms and transnationalisms; history, memory and place-making; China and East Asia. <>

Emanuel Drechsel (Liberal Studies) 
Historical sociolinguistics, ethnohistory, North American Indians; North America <

Suzanne Falgout (University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu) 
Cultural and historical anthropology; Micronesia <

Michael Forman (Linguistics) 
Linguistic anthropology; Philippines <>  

Michael Hamnett (Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i) 
Applied policy research, economic development, research management; Oceania <

Kekuewa Kikiloi (Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies) >br /> Hawaiian resource management, indigenous knowledge, traditional society, genealogies, cultural revitalization, and community empowerment; <>

Roderick Labrador (Ethnic Studies)
Cultural anthropology, identity, immigration political economy, globalization and diaspora; Hawai'i/Pacific, Philippines, Filipina/American and Asia Pacific America <>

Gregory G Maskarinec (Family Medicine & Community Health)
Anthropology of language (Nepalese oral texts), western biomedical clinical medicine, mededucation and indigenous medical systems of Soth Asia; religions (belief systems, ritual and performance); <>

Peter R. Mills (University of Hawai'i, Hilo)
archaeology, culture contact, lithic analysis, ethnohistory; Polynesia, North Pacific, North America <>

Warren Nishimoto (Center for Oral History)
Oral history, Ethnographic interviewing, Hawai`i

Jonathan Y. Okamura (Ethnic Studies) 
Ethnicity and ethnic relations, Asian American studies, Philippines, Hawai'i <

Miriam Sharma (Asian Studies) 
Agrarian class formation and gender relations, political and economic development, methodology; South Asia <

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

S. Jane Allen (Intl Arch Res Inst)
Soils and environmental archaeology, Contact-era archaeology; Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands; <>

J. Stephen Athens (Intl Arch Res Inst) 
Evolutionary and agricultural ecology, origin of agriculture, development of complex societies, tropical paleoenvironment; Hawaii CRM issues; Oceania; Arch of Micronesia, Hawaii <

Loukas Barton (University of Pittsburgh)

R. Alexander Bentley (University of Houston, Comparative Cultural Studies Dept.)
Bioarchaeology, popular culture change, Neolithic transition, isotope analysis, evolutionary theory; mainland Southeast Asia, central Europe, contemporary Western society <>

Keith Brown (University of Pittsburgh)
Cultural anthropology; family histories; farmer production decision; religious syncretism; ethnicity and the Emperor; globalization and food, family and car culture; Japan <>

Ethan Cochrane (University of Auckland, NZ)
Evolutionary theory, cultural transmission, archaeological science, Oceania, Fiji, Ceramics <>

C. Kehaunani Cachola-Abad (Kamehameha Schools)
Archaeology, oral traditions, historic preservation, evolution; Hawaii and Polynesia <>

Sara Collins (Pacific Consulting Services, Inc.)
Archaeology, Human & Faunal Osteology, Historic Preservation Compliance & Practice; Hawai`i & the Pacific <>

Thomas S. Dye (T.S. Dye & Colleagues, Archaeologists, Inc.)
Archaeology; Hawaii & the Pacific <>

Jefferson M. Fox (East-West Center) 
Land use, forest resources and management, GIS and spatial information technology; South Asia, Southeast Asia <

Richard A. Gould (Professor Emeritus, Brown University)
Ethnoarchaeology, hunter-gatherer ecology, maritime archaeology, forensic archaeology, Australian Aborigines <>

Thomas Holland (US Army JPAC) 
Physical and forensic anthropology, skeletal biology; US Midwest, S.W. Asia 

Jennifer Kahn (Bishop Museum)
Archaeology, lithic technology, household archaeology, monumental architecture and landscapes; Hawai‘i, French Polynesia, and the Pacific. <>

Lisa Kealhofer (Santa Clara University)
Southeast Asia and Near East; landscape approaches; paleobotany; land use and environmental change in complex societies; political economy <>

Gerald Marten (Adjunct Senior Fellow, East-West Center)
Population dynamics, ecosystem ecology, animal behavior, statistics, mathematical modeling, population genetics <>

Mara A. Mulrooney (Bishop Museum)
Pacific archaeology, Hawaiian archaeology, Geographic Information Systems, chronometric dating analysis, landscape archaeology, exchange and interaction, social complexity, agricultural intensification, ideological legitimization of power, contact and colonialism. <>

John A. Peterson (Micronesian Area Research Center)
Archaeology, historical archaeology; Hawaii-Pacific, Philippines, American Southwest <>

Guido Carlo Pigliasco (Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas)
Cultural and legal anthropology, visual anthropology, ritual and performance, commodification and tourism; Oceania, Fiji <>

Jay Silverstein (The Pennsylvania State University)
Archaeology; militarism; the evolution, rise and fall of complex societies; hydraulic constructions; GIS; survey; modern military archaeology in Asia and Europe; urban archaeology; Mesoamerica; and Greco-Roman Egypt<>

Matt Tomlinson (Australian National University)
Cultural and linguistic anthropology, religion and ritual, discourse analysis, Christianity, Fiji, Oceania<>

David Y.H. Wu
Cultural anthropology, ethnicity, anthropology of food; China and Chinese diaspora <>

Douglas Yen (Professor Emeritus, Australian National University)
Origins of Pacific agriculture, plant domestication, archaeobotany, application of biological techniques to problems of cultivated plant dispersal; Pacific Regions <>

Adjunct Faculty

Jonathan D. Baker (Lecturer)
Medical and nutritional anthropology, anthropology of food, ethnopharmacology, science and technology studies; Oceania. <>

Nancy Cooper (Lecturer)
Socio-cultural anthropology, performance, gender, expressive culture, ritual and religion; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Java, Singapore <>

Lisa X. Gollin (Cultural Surveys Hawaii)
Medical anthropology, ethnobotany and ethnobiology, local ecological knowledge, cultural resource management, oral histories; Indonesia and Hawaii. <>

Jennie JH Jin, (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command – Central Identification Lab (JPAC-CIL))
Zooarchaeology, vertebrate taphonomy, human skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, paleoanthropology; China, Korea <>

Jan Rensel, (Center for Pacific Islands Studies)
Socioeconomic history, housing change, migrant communities; Polynesia

Paul J. Ross, (APRN, ANP, MA, MSN,OCN, Hawaii Medical Center)
Quantitative methods, nutritional and medical anthropology, human ecology, medical systems, field methods in cultural anthropology; West Africa <>