M.A. and Ph.D. Defenses

2016 Successful Defenses

Rachel Hoerman (PhD), September Rachel Hoerman (PhD), September

Rachel Hoerman (PhD), September

Miriam Stark (chair), Rachel Hoerman, Christian Peterson. Other committee members not pictured: Kirsten Pauka, John Peterson, and Paul Tacon.

Jesse Stephen (PhD), July Jesse Stephen (PhD), July

Jesse Stephen (PhD), July

Miriam Stark, Kate Lingley, Jesse Stephen, Jim Bayman (chair), Ty Tengan. Not pictured Michael Graves.

Kari Nishioka (MA) July

Kari Nishioka (MA) July

Jim Bayman (chair), Kari Nishioka, Sara Collins and Miriam Stark.

2015 Successful Defenses

  • Adam Lauer (PhD), August
  • Gabriela Martinez (MA), August
  • Alicia Yurong (MA), May
  • Hinanui Cauchois (PhD), April

Adam Lauer successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on August 31, 2015: seen with Mike Pietrusewsky (chair) and two other committee members, Robert Blust and Miriam Stark. Tainlong Jiao (Asian Art Museum, San Francisco) and Lisa Matisoo-Smith (University of Otago) were off-island.

Alicia Yurong, MA

Alicia Yurong, MA

2014 Successful Defenses

  • Melanie Mintmeir (PhD), April
  • Pulama Lima (MA), December
  • Philip Broadhurst (MA), December
  • Lisa Manirath (MA), December

MA student, Rosanna Thurman

MA student, Rosanna Thurman's successful thesis defense attended by members of the family of Davianna McGregor Left to right: Dr. Jim Bayman, Dr. Daviana McGregor, Dr. Pua Aiu, Rosanna Thurman, Ms. Lurline McGregor, Dr. Rosie Alegado, and baby Cassius Kong

2013 Successful Defenses

  • Regina Luna (PhD), February
  • Chalita Bundhuwong (PhD), February
  • Kamakana Ferreira (MA), April
  • Pamela Runestad (PhD), April
  • Mattias van Ommen (MA), April
  • Charmane Wong (MA), May
  • John O'Connor (MA), July