Department of Anthropology

What is it?

The Department of Anthropology’s Kuleana Award is an annual award to an individual who exemplifies the values and practices of kuleana (stewardship, rights, responsibilities) and community that includes the department, the university, the place in which we live. 

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Anyone within the UH Mānoa Department of Anthropology community – including faculty, professors emeritus, affiliated faculty, lecturers, alumni, graduate students, undergraduates, staff, student help.  The stipulation, however, is that both nominator and nominee must come from within the department.

How do I nominate someone?

Write a paragraph of nomination explaining why you think this person deserves a Kuleana Award.  Please provide name of person and their email contact.  Send the nomination by email to the dept chair by March 31.  (Note: no self-nominations)

Click here for list of past Kuleana Award winners