Oral History and Archive Project

Part of the project “UH Anthropology at 75:
Looking Back and Projecting Forward”

Although there are a few written documents which record the history of our department, such as Katherine Luomala’s 1968 article and Bion Griffin’s draft essay or reviews of anthropology of the Pacific such as White & Tengan (2001), much of the department's history remains "lived memory" and hasn't been recorded. Oral histories with our community as well as contributions of photographs and other visual material are welcome at any time. <anthchr@hawaii.edu>

In 2009, during the 75th anniversary of Anthropology at UH, a team of graduate students worked to interview individuals and gather written and visual materials. Some of the results are available on this website [see our history page]. Themes explored in the anniversary project included:

  • Role of anthropology in modern society
  • Changing roles of anthropology in Hawaii
  • Graduate student life: past, present and future
  • Faculty: past, present and future
  • Teaching: past, present and future
  • Research: past present and future
  • External relations: past, present and future (ie. Bishop museum, etc)
  • Place of Hawaiian anthropology in American anthropology
  • Anecdotes, stories